Everyday Wellbeing in Sport Masterclass

About the Masterclass

This intention for this Masterclass is to introduce coaches, athletes and parents to wellbeing in sport and how it can be cultivated everyday in sport and life by everyone (wellbeing in sport is everybody’s business).

Why Wellbeing?

We know that sport can help cultivate wellbeing on many levels, including mentally, socially and physically. This can be done specifically by –

  • Mental well-being – i.e. focus, concentration,
  • Physical well-being – for example cardiovascular and respiratory functioning, and
  • Socially – develop relationships that can foster a sense of belonging.

However, sport can also impact these aspects of wellbeing through –

  • Mental well-being – excessive pressure, expectations and/or burnout,
  • Physical well-being – when ill, injured or overtraining, and
  • Socially – unsupportive practises (i.e. conflict, bullying etc.). 

Masterclass Outcomes –

The outcomes for this masterclass include –

  • Deepen Your Knowledge and Understanding of Wellbeing in Sport,
  • How Wellbeing Applies to Sport and 4 Different Aspects of Wellbeing in Sport,
  • Why Wellbeing is Everybody’s Business in Sport (not just a Psychologists),
  • 5 Ways to Start Cultivating Wellbeing Everyday in Sport as a Coach, Athlete and/or Parent.

Who Is this Masterclass For?

This workshop has been designed for coaches, athletes and / or parents who want to deepen their understanding of wellbeing in sport.


Masterclass Cost – $25AUD (payable on registration).

Date –

Next Masterclass: Thursday February 25, 2021 (6.30pm-7.30pm QLD AEST). Click here to register.


Inclusions – as a participant in the masterclass, you will receive access to the following –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the FAQ’s.

About Jane – the Workshop Facilitator

Jane Taylor (M.EdSt) is a former Professional Athlete, Registered P-12 Teacher (since 2002) and ICF PCC Coach who is committed to supporting people change the way they see themselves and helping by “(Un)Learning, so You Can Reconnect and Engage With Your Innate Potential and BE Whole-Heartedly YOU… One Habit at a Time!”, so we can connect with life authentically and live in peace and harmony. She is a Trained Teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion and has been practising mindfulness since 2008 and then later self-compassion.

Jane has been lucky enough to work and support over 31500 adults in leadership, coaching, education, emotional intelligence, mindfulness meditation, self-compassion, mental health promotion and prevention and organisational wellbeing and many thousands of students and young people within sport and education.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Is there a time for Questions in the Masterclass?

A. Yes. At the end, I will stay online, so you can ask questions.

Q. When Can I Access the Workbook?

A. You will receive the workbook for the Masterclass the day before the session starts. So, please make sure you download it before we commence.

Q. Is this Masterclass Available for People Under 18?

A. No. This Masterclass is open for athletes (past and present), parents and coaches over 18. I am planning on offering a Masterclass for 15-18 years olds, so please contact us here to express your interest:).

Q. Other Questions?

A. Please contact us here.